In this section you will find the latest tables concerning cell lines and probes tested in terms of Cell-IN procedure, as well as results of cell viability assays for given cell lines. We are putting our greatest effort to extend our portfolio, so this section will be frequently updated.

Cell lines

Cell-IN proved to be effective to deliver probes to >10 cell lines. So far, we were unable to identify any cell type resistant to Cell-IN procedure. The latest list of checked cell lines, you will find here Cell lines


Cell-IN is the first cell delivery strategy sufficient for a broad spectrum of probes: ranging from proteins, nucleic acids, polymers, up to nanoparticles. In the document Cell-IN Probes you will find an up-to date set of data concerning spectrum of Cell-IN applications. If your application is not covered by our previous research – contact our /Support/ team. We will be more than happy to take a new challenge!

Cell viability

Cell-IN procedure is mild, but effective. We carefully quantify cel viability up to 72 hours after cell delivery for each new cell line taken in our portfolio. Current set of cell viability data is available in Cell viability

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