Cell-IN is a loading reagent based on a polymer formulation manufactured at the Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences. Cell-IN ensures effective cellular uptake of different compounds. Cell-IN is efficient on a wide variety of cell lines.

The Cell-IN is based on the osmotic shock application. In the first step, cells are placed in the Cell-IN hypertonic solution. Now water is pumped out of the cells. In this way, a compound (a cargo) that you want to deliver to the cells is taken up by cells but remains closed in the vesicles. In the next step, cells are moved to a hypotonic solution. Water flows into the cytosol and vesicles. As a result, cells are filled with cargo. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Each contains a different amount of loading reagent based on a polymer formulation.

We provide optimal volumes of Cell-IN hypertonic medium calculated for plates and dishes of leading brands here:


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Dissolve Cell-IN in a serum-free medium dedicated to the cells you work with.

Cell-IN is the first cell delivery strategy sufficient for a broad spectrum of probes: ranging from proteins, nucleic acids, and polymers to nanoparticles. You can find an up-to-date set of data concerning the spectrum of Cell-IN applications here:


If our previous research does not cover Your application – contact us via info@cell-in.eu

Cell-IN proved to be adequate to deliver probes into > 10 cell lines. So far, we could not identify any cell type resistant to the Cell-IN procedure. The latest list of checked cell lines, You will find here:


Yes, the procedure for 3D culture is different than for 2D culture, and it is included in the manual provided here:


Use a cargo (a compound that you want to deliver to the cells) with an initial higher concentration.

Use a cargo (a compound that you want to deliver to the cells) with an initial lower concentration.

Cell-IN (https://cell-in.eu/, IPC PAS, Warsaw, Poland)

The cell-IN procedure is non-toxic for cells. The viability of HeLa and MDA-MB-231 cells is at the level of 100%. For more details, please click here:


Cell-IN should be stored at 20°C and is stable for at least one year when stored appropriately. However, dissolved Cell-IN in a serum-free medium must be stored at 4°C and is stable for no longer than one month.

We are open to new challenges and collaboration, please contact us via the email address: info@cell-in.eu

Approximately one week in Europe and up to one month outside Europe.

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The only form of payment is a bank transfer to our bank account specified in the order confirmation. The data for the transfer and the payment date (21 days from the date of issuing the invoice) will be provided on the invoice. The invoice scan will be sent to you by email; in addition, the original will be attached to the package with the ordered products.

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