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Cell-IN is a loading reagent that ensures effective and cellular uptake of different molecules ranging from biological agents to synthetic nanoparticles, f.e. proteins, nucleic acids, polymers and nanoparticles, into mammalian cells.

Our innovative product is based on a polymer formulation manufactured at the Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences. The formulation was developed during studies financed by the National Center for Research and Development within the project LIDER/10/0033/L-9/17/NCBR/2018.

Cell-IN was tested to be efficient on a wide variety of cell lines. Due to its procedure that utilizes osmotic shock-driven lysis of pinocytic vesicles, it is a non-invasive and effective way to introduce macromolecules or nanoparticles directly to the cytosol.


Cell-IN procedure utilizes osmotic shock-driven lysis of pinocytic vesicles. It is a mild and effective way to introduce macromolecules or nanoparticles directly to cytosol. The heart of out technology is a polymer building osmotic pressure, which provides high efficiency of intracellular delivery of proteins, nucleic acids, polymers and​ nanoparticles. For more information on the probes successfully delivered to cells, as well as cell lines compatible with Cell-IN procedure, go to Resources. Cell-IN technology raised form many years of research on polymer physics performer in the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS. We found that polymer solution nanostructure directly impacts the biological performance of Cell-IN reagent. The key of successful delivery of the probes into cytosol, is entanglement of polymer chains in the hypertonic medium. Our findings were an input of a patent application No. P.437320 submitted on 17th March 2021. With this knowledge we carefully analyze each part of Cell-IN to maintain the effective nanoarchitecture and provide you with the product of highest quality (see Quality).

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